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ILI Plan Participant Administration

ILI’s management objective is to minimize the life insurance protection and related costs to maximize investment return.

The STAR Plan Participant Overview and Q & A

Benefits of Minimizing STAR's Death Benefit Protection

Accessing Cash Values for Life's Needs

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Cash Value Life Insurance Disclosure Acknowledgement

Participant Services

Please contact us immediately if you have a change in employment, health, beneficiary or address.

Policy Service Forms are state specific and change often.  

Please email and advise the type of service or information you require.


Asset Allocation Options - You may:

Bankrate Asset Allocation Calculator     CMW Allocation Acknowledgement - Acknowledgement form to follow CMW's personal allocation (CMW Allocation).

The CMW Allocation is updated every July, or earlier if issuer fund changes warrant reallocation.  It is your choice to update to the current allocation or continue with your present allocation.


Issuer Information and Fund Performance

Monthly we update fund performance reports and Morningstar report on the CMW allocation for NYL and VOYA.

Please keep us informed of your current work and home email address and which you would prefer we utilize.

New York Life Advanced Markets Network

VVC member issuer since 2003 - NYL ceased personal ownership of their ILI policy on 1/1/2020.

CE-VUL Fund Performance Summary - NYL monthly and quarterly fund performance summary.

2023 CMW Allocation Morningstar Report - NYL


Security Life of Denver

Current Participant Services Only.  Voya ceased issuing new life insurance on 1/1/2019.

Voya is no longer in the life insurance business.  The Security Life of Denver policy block was acquired by Resolution Life.

2023 CMW Allocation Morningstar Report (Voya)