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American’s own $8.8 Trillion in mutual funds in taxable accounts (ICI 2017).

ILI offers qualifying individuals a more cost-efficient and tax-efficient lifelong fund investment container.

ILI doesn’t change how individuals and trustees fund invest, but how efficiently they fund invest.


As a fund investor or fiduciary, what makes more sense?

ILI is a cost-shifting opportunity for fund investing outside a tax-qualified plan - shifting from the high cost-of-taxes in a taxable brokerage account to the lower cost-of-ILI protection.

ILI is a investment, cash, tax and risk management container for highly compensated employees, (HCE’s) and accredited investors - an alternative to taxable fund investing.

Medical Science is letting highly educated highly compensated individuals live so long, reducing ILI costs so low, that ILI has evolved into the more effective lifelong management container …  and is expected to improve more with continuing longevity.


As you look to the future, what do you think is more realistic?

We expect the “Economics of Longevity” will continue to affect consumer financial value.

ILI’s longevity based investment management structure increases in financial efficiency the longer we live.


All things being equal, ILI’s lifelong cost-savings results in a more attractive financial path for you … and your heirs.

Same contributions, market returns, tax assumption, 20-year retirement distributions - only material difference is the management container.

Age 50 ILI Qualifying Individual - $100,000 annual contribution for seven years to ILI or Taxable Brokerage Account for saving outside a tax-qualified plan.

Analysis does not include longevity improvements and the expected benefits to ILI and impact on taxable investing.

ILI product includes 7-year satisfaction guarantee / refund of contributions regardless of market performance.

Analysis does not include the added ILI death benefit protection as ILI is a lifelong investment and tax management decision … with added financial protection.

That’s why 62% of Chief Investment Officers of Banks and Savings Associations invest through ILI.

(4Q/2016 Equias Alliance / Michael White Report on BOLI Assets)

And why individual investors and fiduciaries should follow their example.

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VVC provides ILI Analytics and Prudent Purchaser support services to highly compensated individuals / accredited investors / trustees

considering “life insurance” for Alternative Investment, Retirement or Protection purposes.

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