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This site provides relevant information on specific estate, business and financial planning topics.

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Valley View Consultants, Inc. provides financial analytics and The STAR Plan administrative services.  Our analytics are designed to provide Structural Risk Analysis and Suitability Options so consumers can make informed decisions about the structural alternatives they have for their planning.

The information provided herein is the intellectual property of Valley View Consultants, Inc. (V V C) and its strategic partners. It represents V V C’s opinions and analysis related to these issues. It is for reference purposes only, and it should not be construed as giving or providing tax advice or legal counsel. Users should consult with their own legal counsel or tax advisor in order to assure thorough and proper application of the complex rules and concepts that are discussed herein.

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Valley View Consultants, Inc. is an Illinois corporation and was incorporated on March 27, 2002.

The STAR Plan is the property of Valley View Consultants, Inc.  

The STAR Plan is a VVC sponsored external employer "facilitated" ILI fund, risk and tax management program designed to assist STAR employees and their adult family members maximize the value from institutional life insurance (ILI) for immediate and life-after-career cash management needs.

When utilizing an ILI issuer that requires an employer sponsored plan offering, STAR is managed consistent with the Department of Labor's Welfare Plan Regulations (29 CFR §2510.3-1(j)) safe harbor.

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