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Institutional Life Insurance (ILI) Suitability

ILI Participant Profile

Institutionally-priced Life Insurance (ILI) serves as a lifelong fund, cash tax and risk management container.

ILI serves fund investors / trustees where the policy insured is a higher/ highly compensated “white-collar” risk.


ILI Fund Selection

In addition to a declared interest account, ILI portfolios comprise diversified investment objectives from leading fund issuers (Alphabetical).

VVC ILI Plan Participants can select their own allocation or follow what our allocation advisor recommends for our personal planning (CMW Allocation).

While the “life insurance” tax structure can be managed similar to an uncapped Roth IRA, ILI is often allocated for greater equity return because the added death benefit provides personal planning protection the Roth does not provide.


Today there are three levels of “life insurance” value:

ILI provides HCE Class individuals and their trustees a greater level of management flexibility and pricing protection than what is available in the Retail marketplace.