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About Us

Valley View Consultants, Inc. (VVC) is an analytics and administration firm:

VVC’s pedigree is supporting Executive Benefits and Trustees:

By 2002 Medical Science had changed the role of ILI:

The evolution of the ILI value proposition:

ILI has been the preferred alternative investment of corporations (COLI) and banks (BOLI) for over thirty years.  Because ILI risk rates costs less than today’s tax rates.

VVC and its ILI support services were created in 2002 to bring ILI access to the individuals whose career and life choices make the ILI value proposition … possible.

The Life Insurance Industry is divided between Retail and Institutional product services:

Firms must choose which marketplace they serve.  VVC serves the individually-owned and trust-owned segment of the Institutional products marketplace.

VVC’s story is one of commitment to the idea that successful individuals should be able to save as simply and efficiently as anyone else - Personal Parity Restoration.  Medical science and the HCE (Highly Compensated Employee) risk profile made this possible.   

This is why all we do at VVC is support successful individuals across the U.S. with direct access to ILI - because comparative analysis demonstrate no other pricing and tax structure achieves the lifelong Personal Parity Restoration objective as effectively.


A different value proposition for the individuals whose career and life choices make ILI … possible.

VVC serves ILI qualifying individuals and trustees with (1) Consumer Disclosure Analytics and (2) ILI Access and Investment Administration.