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Valley View Consultants, Inc. (VVC)

American’s own $14.4 Trillion in mutual funds in taxable accounts (ICI 12/2021).

ILI offers qualifying individuals a more cost-efficient and tax-efficient lifelong fund investment container.

ILI doesn’t change how individuals and trustees fund invest, but how efficiently they fund invest.


As a fund investor, what makes more sense?

ILI is a cost-shifting opportunity for fund investing outside a tax-qualified plan - shifting from the high cost-of-taxes in a taxable brokerage account to the lower cost-of-ILI protection.


Age 50 ILI Qualifying Individual - $1 million in Taxable Brokerage Account - Taxable Benchmark (Red) vs ILI Asset Diversification.

89% increased Net Accessible Cash and 114% increased Death Benefits at Average Life Expectancy.

Comparable or greater lifelong Net Accessible Cash plus added Financial Protection.

Meet VVC’s founder - Mark Whitelaw

VVC provides Prudent Purchaser support services to highly compensated individuals / trustees considering “life insurance” for

Alternative Investment, Retirement or Protection purposes.


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